As Microsoft Certified Professional Trainer & Product Specialist I have trained thousands of satisfied customers, among others from the following companies and organisations:



Are you still there? Great! Here are some quotes from (international) evaluations that I have received:


“Robin is a nice guy, and he knows what he is talking about.”

“He has very good communication skills.”

“I believe that the technology instructor was excellent, he explains the topics in a very easy and clear way.”

“Compared to previous technology instructors used by <name removed> he was excellent.”

“Always very helpful and pleasant he explained the concepts very well.”

“Managed to cope well with the diverse abilities of the participants.”

“He spoke a real good English, he spoke not fast and this is important for people who is not English mothertongue.”

“He speaks very clear.”

“He was encouraging towards the slower to understand members of the Section and spoke at a nice pace for all to understand.”


“Good knowledge of the products used, and lots of helpful tips to aid use of the software in future.”

“The instructor provided some more advanced tips and shortcuts which were good, and held the interest of the participants who had a good grasp of the software.”

“Very good at explaining the material covered; motivated and enthusiastic about the subject.”

“Very knowledgeable. Also approachable and helpful.”

“Robin was very efficient, welcoming questions and explaining everything very concisely and clear. He is an excellent instructor, and a good professional.”

“Very friendly and very professional.”

“Robin is very intelligent.”

“Excellent tutor very patient and congenial.”

“Everything was excellent.”

“Everything that he said was extremely understandable & useful. Brilliant communication and teaching skills, nice manner of delivering the materials.”

“A very easy-to-communicate person. Eager to answer the trainees’ questions. One of the best explainers I have ever seen.”

“He took time to answer the numerous questions we had.”

“He was very patient to explain the course.”

“Very professional.”

“Very good.”

“Competent and motivated.”

“Very clear in his explanations.”

“Very good teacher.”

“Excellent knowledges, answered very fast to every question.”

“Attentif and interesse.”

“He was very present when we had any technical question, which was very helpful.”

“Very congenial instructor and excellent training.”

“A very clear course.”

“Robin Freeman was very good in both microsoft technologies and teaching habilities. He liked his disponibility.” (sic)

“Good instructor.”

“Great!  I learned a lot.”

“Reply easily to our all questions.”

“He was interesting and kept my attention.”

“Very helpful and kind to everybody!”

“Robin was really nice and very helpful.”

“Very efficient and precise in his teaching of the detailed course.”

“Extremely well knowledgeable, explicit and open to student questions.”

“Made the work enjoyable and interesting.”

“He was very enthusiastic and very helpful, he was always willing to help even if the problem was quite simple.”

“Very, very helpful and patient!”

“Very patient. Concrete.”

“Perfect teacher.”

“Very fair and informed.”

“He was prepared.”

“He is a very good professional and teacher.”

“Robin was an excellent instructor.  Very helpful, always patient and extremely knowledgeable about the subject.”

“The instructor involved all the individuals in debating the topics and the course was very interesting and very pleasant.”

“Very good and nice.”

“Really great. Robin was very informative, social and nice.”


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